DS! Blue Alice in Wonderland Skirt, Cinderella Playing Cards OP Handmade

Shipping only within the US, $10.95.


I just finished the blue onepiece. For closeups and more details, visit the etsy listing here: www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41428303
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Skirt length from waist: 22 inches

Alice skirt, just in time for the movie release! The back is shirred, so it's a lot easier to wear in many sizes. 
Waist Minimum: 33 inches
Waist Maximum: 38 inches
Length: 18 inches
For an extra $10-15, lace can be added along the bottom to extend the length. 

Etsy listing here: www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40580816

Finally Back!

 Wow, it sure has been a while! A month and a couple of days, really. I've been just a bit busy with friends, schoolwork, lots of sewing... and lots of other crazy things. Finally, Danielle and I got some pictures of that cute tunic-y thing I was talking about in December and November. Here are the pictures!
 Being Anthropologie models~ ^_^; 

Fun fun! Besides that, Shoujo Phonebook (which will soon be known as Comic Phonebook) had a Lolita tea party again, so we all dressed up. I dressed in my classic lolita/indie brand (Angel Fish!! ^.^) outfit, the entire thing sewed by me (minus the hat and shirt), Nicole wore a really cute little blouse, skirt, and hat, and Danielle wasn't really in lolita, but she was sort of close, so, we'll just give her a pat on the head for being so cute. ^_^ Super washed-out photo from a lady of the Savannah Lolitas~

Another picture, this time at Mr. Pizza:

Happy fun times! We'll keep updating, so keep checking out Lucia~ If you need anything sewn, be it lolita or bjd clothes or otherwise, let use know, and we can give you a lovely price estimate! Just two more commissions to finish up this month so far, so we've got spaces open. 

BJD Clothing

I've actually made 5 pieces of ball-joint doll clothing in the past couple of days, but one of them, I've decided, I don't really like, so it won't get pictures on here until its made itself decent. I'm pretty happy with the ones I've finished, but each one has something I think isn't quite perfect about it, so I don't know if I'll sell them, but if anyone's interested, let me know~!

A lot of the clothes are being made out of scrap material or recycled people-sized clothing, so it's really not going to be a big deal if I can't sell these. Besides, my doll will need clothes when it's finally finished, so these won't go to waste. I did not receive the doll clay for Christmas as I was hoping, but I did get $40 from my grandma, so I'll be using a bit of that to continue the work on my lovely. I just found the old pieces from the FIRST bjd I ever tried to make, and it is... not likely to be salvageable. The head reminds me of this Mycenaean death mask I saw in Survey of Western Art I this past semester, and the body pieces really show that I'm better at carving shapes out than at forming them.
These were a few of my Christmas gifts, taken with another gift, a new camera! I don't remember if I showed this last time or not. I know it sounds like I'm not really working on anything other than bjd stuff, but that's not totally true. As for my two commissions left, one of them might not be finished and delivered until Animazement itself, and the other will probably be finished at school, just because I want to make sure that everything fits and works and such. I'm excited to get more work done on everything, finish stuff up, get paid, and after that, well... I continue to work! ^_^;

Happy New Year from Lucia!

 Well, many things have transpired over this month. We had a lovely Ladies' Festive Tea Party, and fancy gifts were exchanged, and I have decided to begin making ball-joint doll clothes. These will mostly be the things on my Etsy account these days, but I will still be making human clothes, and absolutely will take commissions. Speaking of which, I've finished one of my costume commissions already, and the other two are nearly done! I've been commissioned to make a headbow with a lovely Alice in Wonderland print fabric that I've unfortunately left in Georgia, so soon, I'll be able to go back and make it! The commissioner has told me that she's willing to wait, which is very nice of her! I only hope she feels that way now, too!
Let me know if you want anything done in this fabric, too, or anything else, for that matter!
I've been working on fun craft projects for my family and friends for Christmas, so it's all over now. It's been fun, but I got burnt out creatively for like 3 days and started just playing Kingdom Hearts II! ^_^;; I got a new camera, though, so that's exciting!



I love to dress up and have pictures taken, and vice versa, which is to say I love to dress people up and take many pictures! So much fun!

This is my favorite kind of pose for myself, because it's cute and comfortable, so these pictures remind me a lot of myself. They are from this blog, not from me! www.ourblogoflove.com/index.cfm

Isn't this the reason why the Lucia shop exists? Lolita and other lovely fashions are so much fun! I enjoy it a lot.
This picture is really old, from when I dressed up one year for Robot Day, but it doesn't look very robot-y, does it? In the end, it's just that I love to get all kinds of dressed-up, so this year, let's put on pretty dresses and dance and take photos!

I got a really cute shirt-ish thing from Civvie's, the clothing store on Broughton Street. I originally saw it and its sisters for $67, but finally, it was down to $20 somehow, months later! It was exciting, even though I wanted a navy one, and Danielle got a matching one! We will wear them together and take twin pictures somewhere when we get back from winter break. Yes, yes. This will happen for sure. Here's just a sneak peek!

As for the store, I'm afraid that these days, I have little news, due to the fact that I haven't made runs to the fabric store lately. Although... I really should finish that Cinderella trump cards one-piece I was making. I hope there are people petite enough to wear it who are interested in it. It's just a liiiittle too small for me to wear. I know people who are more petite than me, but one isn't a lolita fan, and two definitely don't have money for it.

Coming Home

This is my lovely workspace~ So filled with stuuuff~~ If you're interested in the pretty little boys, I'm working on making Chinese zodiac boys for Animazement, so you can order one! They will be keychains, magnets, prints, postcards, and things to stick on your door. Maybe. We shall see, since I probably can't afford to do ALL of those things. I made stamps, so those are what all the ink is about, too.

Rebecca and Danielle and I had a picnic on Sunday! It was lovely. We bought subs from the shop at Turner, and then spread out Rebecca's sheet, which was in need of a wash anyway, on the lawn by the pool and brought out our snacks and playing cards, and quickly became hot in the sunlight. Eventually, we moved to the shade, but not before a few quick card games.

So, I'm going home tomorrow, and there's so much to do! I have so much to pack, and so much to scan, and blaaaaah! I still need to call the cab company. x.x It's so crazy! Check out the cards I made! They're for sale at my etsy account!

I will be unable to ship anything tomorrow, but I can get it out Friday, so please be patient. ^_^ I'm excited about all the things I'm going to be doing this winter, and there's SO much to do! I already have a list of Christmas presents I want to make and/or grab, so I hope that my friends will like them~ I even have a few ideas for my family this time, which is very different from usual, since I almost never have a good idea of things to give to them. 'T will be exciting. Is everyone else getting their ideas yet? What do you think of the cards I made? What other ones would be interesting? Is it also unnaturally warm for November where you live? It sure is here! Remember my etsy site: http://santaluchia.etsy.com (there are also links on each of the card pics above!) , and please stop by! ^_^ And now, I'm gone!

Wishes Granted

This is something I wrote on the 9th:

In the morning, I had forgotten only minutes before I started to feel heavy again. I found myself unusually blue, for even when things like this happen, it is extremely rare for me to be like this. I found that I was pulling myself together by lunch time, even to the point where suddenly, I felt like sending a happy little text, brief and random, to him. But no, I thought, I am not ready to be nice to him. I looked through my contacts list. Katie. I will send it to her.
                               Happy monday!
                               1:46 PM 11/9/09
                               To: Katie
Moments later, I got such a happy little response,
                               I love you!
                               1:47 PM 11/9/09
                               From: Katie
and that was quickly followed, much to my surprise, by a phone call. She seemed so happy to have heard from me, and although we were both on our way to class, we shared a brief and happy conversation, and she asked me to leave a funny little message on Allison's phone, since she knew Allison was feeling anxious today. I feel like my whole day was lightened by this, and I was even able to give my all in sending Allison two messages advertising ClamCheck, among other things, and trying to get her to buy this and that product, despite how badly I failed at it. I talked to Allison for an hour, and I felt so much better. For just a few hours, it was a lovely day.

So, that was back on Monday. Today, I've been working on cleaning things up, getting ready for winter break, and... starting to make a Christmas wishlist. La Doll clay for my bjd project, Beegu (a children's book), an electric kettle, and a file folder rack have made it to my list so far, so I'm still working on it.

Doesn't it look just like The City with No People?

Winter Break Approaches!

Just two more weeks until winter break at my school~! I'll be taking the train home at like 1 AM, but I'll just sleep the whole way, I guess. Maybe I need to get some of those ridiculous little eye-covers.

I went to Atlanta Varsity Showdown, a swing dancing thing, for a weekend, and that was very cool! That was actually from before my last post, but plenty of things have happened in between everything... I just need to update more often. ^_^; Anyways, lots of fun! This picture was, in particular, from the preliminaries for the Jack and Jill contest, just a random partner dancing competition. I learned a lot from it, like Lindy Hop (and where the name comes from) and the shim sham, which is very helpful. I'm addicted to swing music now, especially Ella Fitzgerald. Does anyone know a song that's all about food, sung by a man, where he just talks about "fancy foods that cost so much, rattlesnake and such," and other lines like that? I can't find it! x.x

I've started trying for the second time to make my own ball-joint doll, but I haven't gotten much further than this. I got a really light-weight clay to try to sculpt the primary model. Ideally, I would have carved it out of foam, but... limited resources where I am. Luckily, my lovely mans brought me a large piece of styrofoam when he came to visit, it's just not necessarily the best kind. ^_^; I'm hoping to get some La Doll clay for Christmas or something so that I can cover up this primary sculpture with something more sturdy and generally better, and then I can string it up with elastic, get some eyes in there, make a wig... we'll see how things go. ^_^ I reeeeally want a lot
of the dolls from Blue Fairy, like the Olivia dolls... If only I had money.

This first picture on the left was my costume for the masquerade for Halloween. I was saying I was a pink fairy, but my wings are all the way back at home, so I couldn't complete it. x.x On the actual day of Halloween, I was tired, so I wore the outfit on the right to swing club, and Alex, the vice president, complimented me on it! He's very charismatic and friendly. You can't see the brown socks or mary-janes, but the skirt is handmade by me and the dress was on sale at Charlotte Russe, or however you spell that. ^_^; 

Well, I updated my etsy, just by renewing the old orders. I finally sold something~~ But not on the website. ^_^; I sold the kitty skirt. I must have mentioned this in the last post, because in it, you can see the buyer wearing her skirt. I am excited~ Also, I finally got to start watching the Korean TV drama, My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, because a girl on my hall has the boxed set! It's been fun so far! Whenever I see the cakes and sweets, I want them so badly... That's how it always is, isn't it? ^_^; Well, I'll update more later! I'll try to make this more regular again. I'm looking forward to my new 2D Design project, since it's nearly 4 feet tall! Exciting!
Check out my etsy site here: http://santaluchia.etsy.com
And my deviantART here: http://keropi.deviantart.com

Art College Life

So, I'm at SCAD, and I love it. It's so beautiful and interesting and it was a perfect day today, despite being unreasonably cold earlier in the week, and I hear it's going to be like 80 degrees tomorrow... x.x; Such is the effect of global warming... Also, one great thing, the internet here is like the wind... It took me so much less time to upload these pictures to flickr than it usually does.

I've been up to all kinds of trouble, what with all my schoolwork, plus working on my own art, a comic for my friends, and making my own ball-joint doll! This is the craziest endeavor, and I have a feeling it will take quite some time to finally come together. Especially with the way I've been putting it off. But I am determined. One day, I will by my own Olivia doll from BlueFairy, and one day, I will have tons and tons of hand-made dolls... I hope. (part of this is because I intend to use the first good one I make to create molds and copy them, but just change the faces) There are so many dolls I want from BlueFairy actually... I am in love... However, I am picky: I want a cute male doll that's not anatomically correct (boys are icky), and I want at least one cute girl who's considerably flat-chested. I guess I can alter a doll I buy, but... I guess I'll just get a girl Olivia body and make my own boys for the most part.

My desk space keeps transforming from week to week or day to day.

The Shoujo Phonebook, a comic anthology club, had a lolita teaparty, so here's Zoe in her Bodyline dress, and Rebecca in her own black blouse, a skirt made by me that she's buying, and a top hat that I helped her decorate. There was bubble tea and a raffle, and I won a couple of things. My favorite is the lovely print by Joy Hua.

The bowl is mine; I just had to bring my dinner, since my class gets out at 7:30, and I barely got home in time for the 8 o'clock party.  The dress is made by me, and needs some altering, but I've already actually altered it a bit. I like it a lot. ^.^

I'm really looking forward to the Savannah Film Festival, since I've signed up for volunteering, but also, the Masquerade ball for Halloween is going to be awesome~~~ I'm going to be a sweet pea fairy or something. ^_^; I'm just wearing my prom dress with some new accessories and a pink wig. I wish I had my wings down here to go with it! x.x It's so weird of me to not construct some big new costume for Halloween, just because it's another excuse to make a contest, but... I haven't once gotten to the fashion building to use their machines yet, so... I doubt it would happen.

Anyways, I'll try to get back on the updating, since I just hadn't uploaded my pictures to my computer yet. I'll be posting the pictures of the giant turtle on my next entry! Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of the giant fish, but maybe next time.

New Skirt and School Starting

So, a new skirt! I was so happy to find this mermaid fabric on the site from which I order my Japanese fabric, and I've always wanted a mermaid lolita skirt, like the one from Shirley Temple or Emily Temple Cute. I love those so much (especially the Shirley Temple one)! So, I'm thrilled to have a mermaid skirt. This doesn't mean I've stopped dreaming about those ST or ETC ones, but at least I've got something that I'll wear again and again and satisfies just a little of my quest for mermaid.

If you'd like something with this mermaid print, let me know! I take commissions!

I would have posted this way sooner, but I ran out of space for the month on Flickr, because I posted a bunch of pictures for the new co-president of the Japanese club at my old high school. I was co-president last year, so this year, I'm giving her the material I have. Now, I'm getting ready to head off to college, but I've still got two weeks to go, so I'm having fun sewing, drawing, packing, and all kinds of other things. I painted my bicycle, so it's now all nice and pretteh~~
I forgot to take some of the tape off of it when I shot these pictures, so... x.x;;

The couch behind my sewing machine area looks like a fairy tail compilation. I adore all the different prints. Winnie the Pooh, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (two different prints!), The Little Mermaid, Cinderella...

And lastly, packing for college land. This is my third box out of 4 for book packing, and I love how absolutely shoujo-tastic it looks. I rearranged the books so that some of my favorite covers are on the top. Who needs to keep things in order? ^_^; I'll fix that when I get there. I'm leaving all of my Yuu Watase series at home, along with a couple of other random books. If I really need them this year, I'll come back and get them during the winter break. While I'll be moving out of state for the year, I'll still be continuing all of my sales!